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K-2nd Magnet Enrichment Instructor

This is Elizabeth's fourth year serving as Magnet Enrichment Instructor. A Raleigh native and Brooks parent, Elizabeth holds a degree in Elementary Education from ECU and worked as a teacher at Poe Elementary before her oldest child was born.

Ms Croom: My role is to enrich what the students are already learning.  I sometimes work with a whole class.  This year around Thanksgiving I shared with first graders a lesson on the history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and the inventor of the large balloons.  I take students on virtual field trips to museums all over the country when they studied historical figures.  I know this curriculum well so can help all students make connections to projects they've done in the past or will do in the future.  I also pull groups of students who need extra enrichment or challenge as well as groups who need extra support. I love the relationships I have built with students and staff in the past three years.  BEST. JOB. EVER!

Ms. Sheriff: Where do I start with Elizabeth? We are so fortunate to have her supporting us! Elizabeth is extremely flexible when it comes to the needs of our grade level. She is able to self-identify the needs of a classroom and jump right in to support each and every student. The students love when they get the opportunity to work with Ms. Croom!

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Joan Certa Moore

3rd-5th Magnet Enrichment Instructor

Ms. Certa-Moore began her professional teaching career in 1983 as a dance/creative movement teacher for children at one of the first GT Elementary Schools in Wake County. She was there for 10 years and then moved on to a magnet middle school in Raleigh. She soon joined the staff at the first A+ Elementary school where she taught with Felecia Locklear, former principal of Brooks. Ms. Locklear taught music and Ms. Certa-Moore taught dance. Though they came from such different places, Ms. Locklear from Lumberton and Ms. Certa-Morre from the Bronx, they both had a strong belief in providing quality arts education to all children regardless of the circumstances surrounding their family situation. They were both spirited, creative and believed in integration. When Ms. Locklear was appointed the principalship at Brooks in 2000, Ms. Certa-Moore joined her then as the magnet coordinator. Together they built the first Museums Magnet program in Wake County and developed the Paideia Principles which were embedded in the instructional practice. Ms. Certa-Moore was the magnet coordinator at Brooks, at Moore Square and then returned again to Brooks which certainly has a clear place in her professional heart. 

In 2016 Ms. Certa-Moore retired with 32 dedicated years working in Wake County. She has a K-12 license in Dance, a K-6 General Education License and a Masters in Leadership, Principals license from NC State. She is currently a consultant for the National Paideia Center and an A+ Fellow.  

Ms. Certa-Moore has two grown children, Kevin in Cosa Mesa CA, and Lora in Fairlawn NJ. She lives with her husband Eddie on 10 acres in what is considered one of the last wilderness areas of Wake County. 



4th-5th Grade TA

Ms. Robinson was born in Vietnam and came to the U.S. at the age of 14 with her younger brother and parents. She went to high school in Greensboro and moved to Raleigh to attend NCSU where she majored in French and Literature. Ms. Robinson became a teacher and taught French at Athens Drive H.S. for 29 years! Her husband, Jeff, is an ESL teacher. They met while teaching in France.

Ms. Robinson: I  love working with students at the elementary level because of their innocence and enthusiasm for learning.  Being an extra adult in the classroom has made students feel safer and more supported.  I have provided support when the teacher is working with individual students and I have provided individual assistance to struggling students, especially those with limited capability in English.  Brooks is truly a community.  Everyone works together to make it the best place for students to learn and interact.  Thank you for making my position possible this year!

Ms. Washington: Ms. Robinson is self-motivated and constantly seeks opportunities to work with students independently or in small groups during literacy. Ms. Robinson is extremely kind and has developed positive relationships with all fourth grade students. We are so lucky to have her on our team!



3rd-5th Grade TA

Ms. Chambers returns to Brooks in her third year as a 5th grade TA.  Megan is one of six children!  She is from Greensboro and went to college at Meredith and graduate school at Appalachian State University.  Ms. Chambers worked as a university counselor before coming to Brooks.  She has two sons, Max and Ethan, who are Brooks alums.

Ms. Chambers: I love the diversity in this position.  It's a wonderful feeling to walk down the hall and have a student call out your name - when that's coupled with a smile, there's nothing better!  My hope is that the 5th grade team feels like they can come up for air and have a little "breathing room" each week.  Having another set of hands means you can push students to reach their potential.  You can pull a small group and so can the classroom teacher.  This allows certain students to receive additional intervention time while others can extend their learning through additional opportunities that a teacher may not have time for otherwise.  The energy, dedication and support I witness here each day never ceases to amaze me.  This is one hard-working team.  They impress me daily!

Ms. Stewart: We are so thankful to have Megan on our team!  Because of our large class sizes, it is valuable to have another instructor in the classroom to assist and monitor behavior when needed.  Ms. Chambers is always willing to help meet the needs of students and goes above and beyond.

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