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The Brooks Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission - the sole purpose - is to fund additional teachers, support staff, and programs at Brooks that are not funded by the county and state.

This school year, Foundation donations are funding Two positions who work with our children every day! Brooks would not have these positions without the Foundation funds. 

There will always be gaps in public school funding. The Foundation helps turn that critical funding need into an opportunity for our opportunity to provide additional teachers and staff at Brooks, and give our children not just the education they need, but the education they deserve.

This year, your donations to the Foundation are funding two Instructional Assistants. IAs will work with 4th and 5th grade students during the instructional part of their day. 

Board Members

President, Margaret Chalkley

Vice President, OPEN 

Secretary, Cara Bridwell

Treasurer,  Drew Ferguson

Sponsors Kelly Monroe and Ingrid Holscher

General Donations, Nancy Benniger

Community Liason, Megan Presnell

Communications, Christi Foxworth

Event Planning, Lindsay Ashcraft and Lindsay Hein

Past President/Advisor, Whitney Wagoner

Principal, Marie Palmer

We Need Your Support Today!

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